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Roe is the absolute best!! I haven't been to school in almost 16 years. I was super nervous about taking this class, and I am so happy that I did. Thank you for guiding me and my classmates on a road to success. I will be taking the state exam sometime in the near future, and I can't wait to share my results with her. I highly reccomend using Star Points if you are looking for a future in Real Estate!!

Elyse Thulin

Roe is an amazing teacher who actually cares about her students success. Very personable and extremely knowledgeable. I'm comfortable saying there isn't a better place to start your real estate dream than with Roe and Star Points


Absolutely Amazing!!! Rosemarie is truly gifted in teaching the ins and outs of real estate. Her years of experience and tools have given me the confidence I need to take this step with great ease and security.

Heather Koenig

Roe is an AMAZING teacher and she keeps things interesting for all different kinds of learning styles. She will answer any questions you have through out each lesson. She makes learning real estate fun and retainable. I took this course the previous year through a different school and it doesn't even come close to what Star Points has provided me plus Roe is an absolute sweet heart! Hands down 5 out of 5 stars, I would recommend Roe and Star Points School every single time!!!

Melanie Lowenberg

If you are looking for a place to learn real estate, this will be your best option. Great teacher

Anthony Speciale

I had the most amazing experience with the most amazing teacher ROE!! It was a pleasure joining the classes, everything was taught so clearly that I really learnt a lot. Thank you!

rochel miriam stamler

Roe is a fantastic instructor. She's very passionate about real estate and preparing her students for the big exam. Also makes learning fun and enjoyable. highly recommend joining this class!

Michael Galizia

Great experience! Roe is very knowledgeable, informative and makes learning all of the information fun. I definitely recommend Star Points Real Estate School.

Danielle Carvalho

Im so Happy I found Star Points Real Estate School. It was actually highly recommended to me by another agent. Im here for my broker course and I really LOVE the was Rose teaches!! she is very detailed, she cares so much about her students and she always have extra study material that she provided to us. Im so Grateful for everything she taught me!!

Sarah Shanaa

Excellent teacher and very informative coarse! I really am very pleased with choosing Star Point for my real estate salesperson preparation.

Maria Mantovano

taught in laymen's term which makes this class a pleasure to be in.

Leo Pinheiro

Roe was an excellent teacher every step of the way. The program she runs is seamless and provides you with all the tools you need to become a real estate agent. Thanks for everything Roe

Richard Rubino

This Class is a must for anyone out there who wants to get into the Real Estate Market, as an agent or simply as a home owner. The amount of useful information can not be understated. Roe her self is a fantastic instructor with a great mind set and an unmatched energy. She makes the classes fun and engaging and keeps the information fresh in your mind with the formatting of the class. I can not recommend this course enough and Roe is the best there is.


Love! Roe is super understanding and kind. The course wasn't the easiest but roe made it fun and a little easier to learn. Definitely recommend stars point to anyone looking to get their real estate license .

Nelidad Jaimez

Roe is the best of the best!! she is an excellent instructor not only does she know the book and break it down for you, but she also does a wonderful job of giving examples and helping you understand the material for the real world. Roe herself is a kind and supportive person who puts the time in and goes beyond for each of her students, I would take this class 100 more times just because of her. If you are thinking about going to real estate school Star Points is the best choice you can make!!

Kiera Bolger

Roe is one of a kind, excellent teacher. She is so passionate about every individual being successful. She is patient, understanding and really cares. I highly recommend taking her class. Thanks so much Roe!

Family Karp

Roe is the best! She really helps you understand the material in a fun way.

Rachel Halal

Roe is truly the best in the business !! She truly helped me thru my exams and keeping me knowledgable of the material. She was there from first day of class for my sales person license to hours before my brokers exam!
Such an amazing instructor who can help you understand the course . Thank Roe!!


Ro is an excellent instructor. Everything she does in this course, will prepare you for success!!! She has tip, tricks, acronyms, mnemonics that will help you remember so much for the exam. Took my exam, and passed!!!!

Christina Dambroski

Roe is an OUTSTANDING instructor. She makes sure you fully understand the material she is going over so you will be successful when taking your exam. I would recommend anyone who is looking to get into this field to contact Roe.

Lisa Dickinson

Great class, Roe is wonderful teacher! She really knows what she is talking about. This class teaches things in a way that is easy to comprehend and really understand in relation to the real world.

Alex R

Roe Is the coolest !

Armando Sanchez

such a great experience with Star Points Real Estate school! Ro teaches in a clear, easy to follow manner & keeps it interesting! She is knowledgeable, supportive, & gives you the confidence for success!

gina mattia

Star points school is amazing as well as the instructor!!! Roe made learning fun! She is so knowledgeable! Thank you for making the transition from the medical field to real estate easy! HIGHLY RECOMMEND Star Points! You will not be disappointed


Great place to learn! Recommend highly !

Elizabeth Ramos

Roe was an amazing instructor...10 out of 10. I recommend taking her real estate course!!!!

Javonna Tucker

ROE IS AMAZING! I've had heat for both my salesperson and my broker class and each time she was on point with all the information. Not only was she a great teacher she was an even better person making sure I got all
The information with my busy schedule! I can't recommend her enough!

Angad Dhir

Roe is an awesome teacher. Makes things easy to understand.

Kimberly Jowett

I would highly recommend Roe's class to everyone. It is not just for people looking to work in Real Estate, but for anyone who rents, owns, buys, sells or plans to do so in the future. Her way of teaching definitely helped me to remember the material and she made it interesting with her great stories and fun personality.

Susan Fontano

Roe is the best teacher! You can tell she is passionate for teaching and has excellent experience in the industry. Do yourself a favor and take her class if you're looking to get licensed!

Jimlew 732