Online Real Estate Salesperson Course in New Jersey


This class will be online via Zoom.

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Do you want to become a real estate agent or just learn more about the real estate industry? If so, then our online real estate salesperson class is for you! If you live in New Jersey, enroll in this real estate salesperson course today.

What You’ll Learn

In this class, we’ll go over all the important aspects of the state exam. That way, if you plan to become an agent, your chances of passing can increase significantly. Parts of the course include:

  • Contract negotiation for successful home sales
  • Agency relationships for the entire industry
  • Ethics of treating clients for quality business relationships

Whether you want to pass the state exam or learn the ins and outs of real estate in New Jersey, you’ll find the answers to all of your questions here.

When You Can Attend

We offer two different times for your convenience. If you are available during the day, our day class runs from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. However, if you need to attend in the evening, our night class is from 6:00 pm to 10:15 pm. Please note that these schedules might change based on enrollment.

Who the Course Is Good For

While the course is specifically for real estate agents planning to take the exam, we welcome anyone interested in real estate. Whether you are a prospective or established real estate investor, buyer, or seller, you can learn a lot in our course.

What the Class Will Help Accomplish

When you enroll in our real estate salesperson course, it will help accomplish how to read a deed, different types of mortgages, and contracts. If you’d like to be a licensed real estate agnet, call us and we will fulfill your requirements and prepare you to take your state exam.

Interested in learning more? Select the dates you want above, or call us at (732) 608-9901 to ask any questions you have.

Additional information

Class Type

Day Class M-F, Night Class MW

Class Dates

January 9th – 20th​ 2023, February 6th – 17th 2023, March 6th – 17th 2023, April 3rd – 13th 2023, May 1st – 12th 2023, June 5th – 16th​ 2023, July 10th – 21st 2023, August 7th – 18th 2023​, September 25 – October 6th 2023, October 2nd – 13th​ 2023, November 6th – 17th 2023, December 4th – 15th 2023, January 23rd – March 22nd​ 2023, April 3rd – June 5th 2023, October 2nd – November 29th 2023, November 27th 2023 – February 7th 2024


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